Olive Oil Anti Age

Olive Oil is full of Polyphenols and Phytosterols which neutralize the free radicals that are responsibles of oxidation and skin damage, giving you and older appearance.

Hydroxytirosol (one of the EVOO MUSKEETERS – see post), prevents free radical damage, it’s ten times more effective thangreen tea

One of the advantages of Olive Oil is (when applied)that it penetrates in a totally deep way into the skin, but unbelievely, it doesn’t close the pores. Commercial moisturizers fail deeply in this point.

  • Recipe 1.

Just applying Oil for sking is enough. But the trick is how to apply it.
Sking aging is due to weakening of facial muscles with age, we are going to massage them with Olive Oil in order to condition face muscles. We will not use circular massage, but firm one during 10 minutes.
This operation must be repeated every day at least during two weeks.
After that, you will look revolutionary.

  • Recipe 2.

It’s easy. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your daily intakes, changing your diet in this way.
Several studies, have revealed that exists a connection between higher monounsaturated fat intake in the diet and healthier skin, but this situation was only found among individuals getting the bulk of their monounsaturated fats from olive oil – not from animal products.
Severe facial photoaging, caused by damage to the skin from UV radiation, was associated with lower olive and vegetable oil intake. Those individuals with higher olive oil intake had fewer wrinkles, less skin discoloration, and less skin slackening or sagging.

olive oil anti age

Olive Oil Prevents Flaccidity.

Using Olive Oil improves the quality of skin layers, and tones them. Also, it stimulates skin regeneration by helping to the new cells creation. That’s why Olive Oil is one of the main components to use over wounds, sunburns and other injuries, imagine to prevent flaccidity!!

  • Recipe 1

An ideal mask to fight against flaccidity can be made as follow:
We are going to mix two egg white (it has a lot of nutrients which will give skin elasticity), with honey and Olive Oil which has a widely humectant capacity.
Beat two egg white till stiff peaks, and mix it with two tablespoons of both Olive Oil and liquid honey.
Apply the result over the affected zones and let it work for 20 minutes.
After that, clean it with cold water.

  • Recipe 2

Cut an apple in two halves, take the same quantity of melon, chop them in little pieces and bate both of them with a olive oil tablespoon.
The mixed stuff must be applied over the zone.

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