For Ulivita ..The best container for olive oil is Bag in Box

Light from the beginning in many aging processes;

The heat … alters the chemical/physical characteristics up to destroy them;

The air … also being polluted by pathogens by oxidation up to rot.

The alteration of a food is a transformation to load one or more chemicals that cause a modification of the physical, chemical and biological properties.
These changes are perceived as positive or negative alteration of nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the food or its technological features.

So to keep our food in the best possible way we should keep it:

Totaly in the dark;
fresh suitable temperature and protected from extremes;
Better said , no contact with polluted air.

For liquids, exist for some years a great container that from all three of these warranties:

total darkness;

shielded from temperature fluctuations;

elimination from contact with air and 100%;

recyclable greener unbreakable and inexpensive.

It’s the Bag in Box




14292267_305931969777137_8177396539941135385_nContainer Bag in Box 2 lt. right size for family use

14322462_305932156443785_1814283100145839464_nThe consumption tap systems do not allow air to enter the container

14354952_305932033110464_5022306299272469386_nThat looks very good inside your kitchen

14359026_305932076443793_2152722440741004856_nRegular size makes it practical and can be in any place of your kitchen

14390713_305932223110445_2485743029893720253_nStructure for the correct use of the container and of his patented

 The Bag-in-Box (literally translated bag in box) , sometimes abbreviated “B-i-B is a container comprising a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. Often used for wine dispenser CAP, can also contain other more or less thick fluids, food and non-food.
This type of combination (flexible bag typically rigid box, carton) responds to different needs: practicality and safety of packaging; conservation; transport; communication; usage.

The bags wich you can buy in single stacked rolls or flat, as it can be met through appropriate automated or manual filling machines, such as to avoid that other materials come into contact with the product inside the bags. The bags can be supplied with different types of caps and more or less gas-tight dispenser, and these materials (layer polylaminates) to prevent varying degrees the transition from outside to inside and vice versa of gas, light, heat, etc. for a long time. Once the filled bag is sealed the lid and/or dispensers, the bag is placed in a carton box block which is usually made of cardboard, containing information about the contents.

While the bags can present an excellent barrier to gases, the cartoon represents a better resistance to accidental contact with sharp or pointed objects. Also the cartons can be more easily handled and stored with standard equipment by optimizing storage. Cardboard box also can, if necessary, through the shapes and graphics to become a communications and marketing tool as it’s typical for packing.
Than the single bag, the box also represents a more intuitive to use (tapping of content). Typically the CAP/dispenser is sent out by a pre opening positioned at one of the bases of the box, allowing the leakage by gravity from the sack.

Cost Bag in Box