The olive oil is made up of two parts

The olive oil is made up of two parts:
its liquid fat;
Part biologically active aqueous plant.
Fat mass is neutral, it is odorless and tasteless, although high oleic value.
We have already said many times that this wonderful body fat is made up 85% from monounsaturated fats that are a miracle of nature for the well-being and full health of our heart and all the cardio-vascular system, for our liver that it helps to regenerate and for our metabolism as it helps to contain the glycemic peak.
The biologically active aqueous plant part is in fact a tiniest part of Olive oil and is the one that is in charge of all that world of smells, scents, scents that can become defects: rancid, musty, Winey and others if the product is not produced and preserved in an optimal manner.
The water, unique and irreplaceable source of life for us, has the disadvantage of deteriorating as it contains countless substances that because of light, air, chemical pollution and radio frequencies, oxidize, creating new substances that are harmful if not fatal for us.