World Olive Oil Exhibition – Madrid


2nd March
10:00 a.m. Official launching of the WOOE 5th edition.
11:00 “A commercial perspective on the global olive oil sector today”, by a member of the International Olive Council.
 11:00 Tasting:

“Tasting session of olive oils from Japan”, by Toshiya Tada, director of Olive Oil Japan.

11:45 “The United States market after the newsmagazine television program 60 minutes, broadcasted on CBS: How the events in the United States could alter international trade”, by Aris Kefalogiannis, Founder and CEO of the Greek company GAEA PRODUCTS.
 12:00 Tasting:

“Tasting session and talk about Spanish vinegars and their international repercussion”, by a manager of AEVIN (Spanish Vinegar Association).

12:30 “The international sector of olive oil. Trade development, with special emphasis on emerging producers”, by Juan Vilar Hernández, Managing director of GEA Westfalia.
 13:00 Tasting:

“International tasting session of unique olive oils”, by Maximiliano Arteaga, from Arco Agroalimentaria.

14:00 “The olive oil sector in Tunisia”, by Monji Msallem, Head of Research at The Olive Tree Institute (Tunisia).
 14:00 Tasting:

“Australian olive oil market analysis from its main producer’s point of view”, by Leandro Ravetti, Technical Director at Boundary Bend Ltd., the largest olive oil producing company in Australi.

14:45 Launch of the “IBER OLEUM Guide”, by director Francisco García.
 15:00 Tasting:

“The new sensation for cheeses and cocktails with Arbequina & Co: when extra virgin olive oils made from Arbequina olives meet essential oils derived from flowers, fruits and plants”, by Ana González Pinos from Castillo de Canena.

15:45 “The organoleptic quality of virgin olive oil: an assessment”, by Juan Ramón Izquierdo, chemist, olive grower and olive oil taster.
 16:00 Tasting:

“DOP Campo de Calatrava Olive Oils” by César Cólliga, DOP manager.

16:30 “The IRTA program of olive oil quality improvement in Catalonia. 15 years of experience in the interpretation of physical-chemical and sensory analysis”, by Agustí Romero, researcher at the IRTA (Catalonian research institute ascribed to the Department of Agriculture), expert in developing programs to improve olive oil processing and quality managing.
 17:00 Tasting:

“Citoliva Gold Experience: Tasting and Pairing of ‘Jaén Selección’ Olive Oils”, by Mari Paz Aguilera, director of Citoliva Tasters Panel.

17:15 “Trends in the olive oil South African market”, by Andries Rabie, olive oil producer and importer in South Africa.

3rd March
11:00 “The University of Jaén, closely linked with the region and with the olive oil sector” by Francisco Vañó, president of the Social Council of the University of Jaén.
 11:00 Tasting:

“Tasting session of Tunisian olive oils”, by Monji Msallem, Research Director at The Olive Tree Institute (Tunisia).

11:45 “The Present and future of the Spanish designations of origin”, by José Manuel Bajo Prados, general secretary of “Sectorial Nacional del Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra” (the national body that groups the Spanish virgin olive oil designations of origin).
 12:00 Tasting:

“Greek olive oils tasting session”, by Aris Kefalogiannis, Founder and CEO of the Greek company GAEA PRODUCTS.

12:30 “Energy efficiency to improve business competitiveness in the olive oil sector”, by Antonio Ruano general director of Intelec.
 13:00 Tasting:

“Tasting session and Talk about Uruguayan olive oils”.

13:00 Launch of “Olive Oil Meeting Point: The APP for Global Business”, by Susana Romera Arias, Technical director at the School of Professional Tasters in Valencia.
 14:00 Tasting:

“Tasting session of an assortment of Italian olive oils”, by Anna Cane, Quality Director at Oleificio Zucchi and olive oil professional taster (member of international tasting panels).

The World Olive Oil Exhibition announces its most far-reaching program of tasting sessions and conferences to this day
Prominent experts from all over the world will participate in the 5th WOOE. They will be analyzing the sector’s keys and trends and spurring debate on the future of the olive oil industry
Aris Kefalogiannis from Greece, Monji Msallem from Tunisia, Leandro Ravetti from Australia, Andries Rabie from South Africa and Toshiya Tada from Japan are some of our guest speakers
The 5th WOOE will be held on the coming 2nd and 3rd of March 2016 at Madrid’s IFEMA


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The 5th World Olive Oil Exhibition will be celebrated on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2016, with an ever-growing participation of oil mills from olive oil producing countries, as well as buyers from all over the world.The WOOE is a decisive trade fair for purchasers, producers and packers, where the most prestigious brands from the EVOO industry will be present. The deliberate choice of olive oil by some emerging countries is also a great opportunity for the packaging industry; and that is why this international trade fair is a not-to-miss event for market positioning.Over the last World Olive Oil Exhibition more than 100 oil mills were gathered, giving an increase of 25 % on the number of visitors, who came from 38 different countries.