The Olive Gardens of Lun, Pag Island, Croatia

Old olive trees in the zone of the locality of Lun on the island of Pag, Croatia (more than 2000 years old). The Lun olive groves represent a true oasis and one of the most scenic and beautiful corners of the Pag island. This area of wild olives, which covers 24 hectares of space, is the only one of its kind in the Adriatic Sea region and it has great botanical value. Due to its special characteristics, it was protected and proclaimed a botanical preserve in 1963.

 The tradition of olive growing in Croatia is ancient with great olive oils being produced from Istria down to Konavle and the olive groves along our coast are beautiful no matter if you are in Piramatovci near Šibenik, on the islands of Brac, Solta… or in the hillside of Konavle. But once you reach Lun… this place and these trees capture you as one of the most unique landscapes on the coast! Lun is a tiny village with about 200 inhabitants on Pig island. Olive trees are everywhere making this a very unique and very beautiful landscape but forget about easy hiking or walking around as the area is very rocky. Pag island – probably the most unique island in Croatia. The landscape is rocky. A botanic reserve of various sorts of olives that grow in the area of Lun on the Island Pag is considered a unique impression of the world. By strolling between the trees of fascinating architecture, whose roots interweave with stones, you experience the magnificent history which once unfolded beneath trees.

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